Islam Mostafa

Hi, I’m Islam Mostafa. A digital designer living in New York. I help create digital experiences. I've been working in the design & tech industry for over a decade.

Some of the clients:






Hard skills:


After Effects

Visual Studio Code

Android Studio






Soft skills:

User Research

User flow mapping

Visual Design

Time Management

Design Thinking



English – Advanced

Arabic – Native

The day I became a better designer

I hold a Master's degree in Product Design and have been working in the design industry for over a decade. During this time, I have honed my skills in design principles, user experience, and visual design. I'm proficient in design tools such as Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, and Webflow, and I have a deep understanding of front-end development languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The day I became a better designer I understood that — communication is at the base of everything. Design is communication. Translating design decisions into business decisions is value. A beautiful design doesn't help the client to achieve their business goals. User experience doesn’t happen on a screen, it happens in the mind. The design is not you and you are not the design. The rejection is only a rejection of an idea and getting it wrong is part of how you do your job - it’s part of the process.

Working with people way smarter than me speeds everything. By asking the right questions we expose ourselves and others to information and clarity we might otherwise not get. Reaching out to mentors is a game-changer. Reinventing the wheel is a waste of time. The right tools save a huge amount of time.

As a Senior UI Designer, my focus is on creating engaging and intuitive user interfaces that provide an exceptional user experience. I believe that design should be user-centric, and my approach to design reflects this belief. I work closely with my clients to understand their users' needs, conduct user research, and create wireframes and prototypes to ensure that the final design meets both user and business goals.

In my spare time, I enjoy exploring new design trends and technologies, attending design conferences and workshops, and sharing my knowledge with the design community. I'm always excited to collaborate on new projects and would love to hear from you. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or if you'd like to work together.


Master of Arts in Web and Multimedia Design

Touro University, Graduate School of Technology, NY (2023)

Bachelor’s degree of Architecture

Modern University for Technology and Information (2015)

Professional Experience:

Senior Product Designer

• Got recruited by Hotdesk to be a senior product designer for their mobile app.
• I’m 1 of 2 designers on the mobile app and work closely with executives, product managers, and engineers to craft an intuitive co-working space booking experience.
• Upgraded and transformed Hotdesk’s visual brand manual, product strategy, and design system.
• Designed and delivered 0-1 products from the concept stage to launch.
• Gathered insights about the attitudes, emotions, and behaviors to guide design decisions for Hotdesk users.
• Designed and moderated the creation of the mobile platforms and SaaS dashboards.
• Conducted qualitative research, UX design, visual design, logo design, prototyping, and testing for Hotdesk App and HotdeskOne.
• Worked with multi-disciplinary teams of UX Designers, Researchers, Product Managers, and Engineers to develop Hotdesk’s products, delivering substantial value to users.
• Hired and trained a team of 2 designers and researchers to work on the product team.
• Implemented a smooth design process and shared it with other departments.
,• Researched, wrote, and created email newsletters to cover all communication materials for Hotdesk products.

Head of Design

• Led Staff Designers to craft the building blocks for a complete re-envisioning of the Swvl app and dashboards. This was the most transformative change to the Swvl experience.
• Moderated and designed Swvl’s pitchdeck along with Barclays and Queens Gambit teams, which secured a 350M investment, and a 1.5Bn valuation and listing in Nasdaq.
• Directed the design, art direction, and overall execution of all Swvl’s presence globally.
• Crafted an effective design system and components library for products.
• Integrated localization into the SWVL design system, achieving a high level of functionality worldwide while leading the design team to ensure a globally relevant user experience in 16+ countries.
• Mentored the growth of 9+ team members (UI, Visual and Motion Designers)
• Reviewed, directed, and evaluated the work of other creatives and provided direction and feedback. • Scheduled, assigned, and prioritized workloads of creative teams (internal and external).
• Designed and moderated the brand team by developing a range of media including customer onboarding emails, presentations, training documentation, and social content.

Visual Designer

• Developed detailed storyboards, mockups, and prototypes to communicate interaction and design ideas.
• Collaborated closely with the marketing team, product managers, and developers to understand design requirements and align them with the overall brand strategy.
• Assessed the usability of both new and existing products, offering constructive suggestions for improvement.

Awards & Recognitions

ODA Jury Member


AIGA Member


Swvl Employee of the month


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