Islam Mostafa
Product Design






Scope of Work

B2C · B2B · web & mobile(ios & android) · end-to-end design · design system · research · accessibility · 10 weeks


New York

Redesigning the Hotdesk App: Enhancing Workspace Booking for Hybrid Workers Hotdesk is a technology solution designed to power hybrid work environments efficiently. In this case study, I explore my role in gathering user insights, shaping product structure, and redesigning the user interface to enhance the overall user experience.

As a mission-driven early stage startup tackling big things, I was able to design and deliver 0-1 products. My contributions included the creation of an updated brand manual and a fresh visual style guide, the development of the product's user interface, and an adaptive design system.

A new visual style – Premium, Modern, and Welcoming. A fresh look and feel is inspired by the millions of people and businesses that use Hotdesk today. Hotdesk brand 2.0 captures the energy and dynamism of our customers

Hotdesk App

Project Background and Objectives

The Hotdesk app aims to revolutionize workspace booking for freelancers, remote workers, and startups by offering flexibility and a user-centered approach. The primary goal for the redesign was to streamline the booking process, reducing time and enhancing personalization to better meet user needs.

Research Insights

Our research involved direct feedback from users combined with extensive user testing sessions. Key challenges identified included managing hybrid work routines and finding suitable co-working spaces. Affinity mapping helped us understand daily work habits and preferences, which informed our design strategy.

Design and Development: We developed an adaptive design system that was consistently applied across the Hotdesk product suite, including: Hotdesk App (Marketplace): A user-centric platform for on-demand workspace booking. HotdeskOS: An operating system for workspace management. Hotdesk AI/ML: Advanced algorithms for personalized recommendations and quality assurance."

Technical Contributions and Role Clarification: User Experience Design: Designed user interfaces and workflows to ensure a seamless and intuitive user experience. Implemented an adaptive design system across Hotdesk’s products to maintain consistency and usability. Machine Learning Integration: Spearheaded the integration of machine learning models to personalize workspace recommendations based on user behavior and preferences. My role involved collaborating with data scientists to define relevant data points and model specifications that predict user needs accurately. Helped shaping Hotdesk’s AI/ML applications that served as recommendation engines, enhancing the booking system's efficiency and personalization. Implementation of Personalization Features: Directed the implementation of dynamic content personalization which adjusted real-time offerings based on user interactions and feedback. This initiative significantly improved user engagement metrics and satisfaction.

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Conclusion: The redesign of the Hotdesk app was a significant step forward in how digital solutions can enhance hybrid work environments. My contributions, particularly in integrating machine learning for personalization, not only improved user engagement but also demonstrated how data-driven design can revolutionize user interactions in a digital space. Moving forward, I aim to further refine these personalization processes, exploring deeper AI capabilities to predict and adapt to user needs even more effectively.

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Outcomes: Successfully decreased the booking process time by 30%, as machine learning-driven recommendations allowed users to find suitable spaces faster. Enhanced user retention by 23% through personalized user experiences tailored by AI insights. The app’s redesign led to a 17% increase in subscription uptake due to improved user satisfaction and tailored offerings.

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