Islam Mostafa
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Art Direction | Product Design | Strategic Design


New York

Swvl SPAC Pitch Deck As the Head of Design at Swvl, I led the creation of the SPAC Merger Pitch Deck, a pivotal project that played a crucial role in the company's strategic growth.

Swvl: SPAC Pitch Deck. Swvl, a transformative mass transit platform, on March 31, 2022 completed it's merger with Queen's Gambit Growth Capital in a $1.5B valuation. As a result of the merger, Swvl common stock and warrants began trading on the NASDAQ (NASDAQ: SWVL and SWVLW). Swvl's shares were listed at $10 on the Nasdaq.

My role:

As the Head of Design at Swvl, I played a pivotal role in the company's SPAC merger process, collaborating closely with various internal departments, external stakeholders, and legal and financial advisors. My responsibilities encompassed conceptualizing, designing, and managing the creation of the SPAC merger pitch deck, a critical document that presented our company's vision, growth strategy, and financial performance to potential investors and partners.

Key Contributions:

Cross-Functional Collaboration:

I led a multidisciplinary team, working collaboratively with departments such as finance, operations, expansion, and the CEO to gather essential data, insights, and strategic inputs for the pitch deck. This ensured that our presentation was comprehensive and aligned with the company's goals.

External Stakeholder Engagement:

I liaised with external parties, including legal advisors and representatives from Queen's Gambit and Barclays bank. My role was to ensure that the design and content of the pitch deck met the standards and expectations of these external experts.

Strategic Visual Communication:

Leveraging my design expertise, I crafted a visually appealing and engaging pitch deck that effectively conveyed Swvl's value proposition, growth potential, and financial performance. I used visual elements, graphics, and typography to enhance the overall impact of the presentation.

Storytelling and Message Clarity:

I played a vital role in refining the narrative of the pitch deck. By distilling complex concepts into clear and compelling messages, I helped ensure that our story resonated with potential investors and partners.

Quality Control and Iteration

Throughout the project, I maintained rigorous quality control, overseeing revisions and iterations to fine-tune the pitch deck's content and design based on feedback from various stakeholders. This iterative approach ensured that we presented the most compelling case possible.

Deadline Adherence:

I managed the project timeline effectively, ensuring that the pitch deck was completed on schedule, meeting crucial submission deadlines.

My role as the Head of Design in Swvl's SPAC merger pitch deck project was instrumental in presenting our company in the best possible light during this critical phase of our growth journey. Through strategic design and collaboration, I contributed to the successful merger process and played a key role in securing the company's future prospects.

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